Journée mondiale de la poutine




The skouik skouik you love!
Nyctea cheddar cheese curds is a popular soft cheese that resists pressure slightly, but is deliciously tender enough to melt in your mouth. The true test of authenticity is the sound it makes in your mouth – Skouik! The unmatched quality, flavor and elasticity of our cheese curds sings skouik skouik on your teeth every time!

Canadian Food Wholesaler

Canadian Food Wholesaler is a 100% Quebec-owned 360 ° food distribution ecosystem allowing agri-food SMEs in Quebec and Canada to access foreign markets overseas in both food services and mass distribution while being carbon neutral.

We simplify exporting for Canadian manufacturers and producers while simplifying importation for overseas buyers. We prepare the product and therefore the manufacturer in the preparatory stages for export, we buy the goods upon delivery to our consolidation center in the suburbs of Montreal, we export them from Canada, we import them to the markets foreigners, we maintain an inventory there allowing the supply but above all the rapid replenishment by delivering directly to restaurant customers or retail chains and we market the products under a single supplier account by promoting them on the points of sale thanks to our resources. present locally. We are in fact a community of producers and manufacturers wishing to introduce unique and distinctive food products from Quebec and Canada. From our community to yours.

Poutine Spots

The idea behind the Poutine Spots website is to help you turn your poutine getaways into unforgettable getaways. On each of his visits to a snack bar, canteen or restaurant, Yves Beaudoin will inevitably make you discover something new. Poutine Spot is a geolocated culinary touristic guide to the best places where poutine is served.

Poutine Nation

Sylvain Charlebois

Mrs. Charlebois is a professor at Dalhousie University in management and agriculture. He is also the Scientific Director of the Agri-Food Analytical Sciences Laboratory, located in Halifax. For nearly 20 years, he has regularly contributed to the editorial pages of The Globe and Mail and La Presse as an expert in the agri-food industry. Mrs. Charlebois is also the author of the book Poutine Nation published in April 2021.


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