Yves Beaudoin 

A poutine lover from a very young age, Yves Beaudoin has taken steps to make July 20 World Poutine Day, while reaffirming the origins of this Quebec culinary invention.

“There is a World Nutella Day, why not poutine? If there is a dish from our region that deserves a day, this is it!

Poutine has been taken to another level  than the simple combination of fries, cheese and brown sauce, he said. There are chefs who have developed and improved it, it has become like a recognized dish that is no longer ordinary, it is more gastronomic. Some restaurants even offer several choices of cheeses, fries, proteins and sauces. You can now build your poutine however you want. For my part, I will therefore continue to push the cart, come what may! ”



Yves Beaudoin, author of the blog Poutine Spots, and his collaborators are committed to promoting this day every year and want global organisations to accept the new World Poutine Day. We therefore ask you, as poutine fanatics, to help us increase the visibility of the event.

This year we will be celebrating the second edition of World Poutine Day with even more participants from all over the world. We are very excited about the enthusiasm that is building around this day and we would be happy to be able to count you among us!

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